Woodworking Electric Planer

Electric planers are widely used in housing construction, housing decoration, woodworking workshops, field woodworking and vehicle, ship, bridge construction and other occasions, to carry out plane planing, chamfering and cutting of various woods.


There are two types of electric planers, direct drive type and indirect drive type. The direct drive type is that the planer is directly mounted on the output shaft of the motor, and the indirect drive type is that the output shaft of the motor drives the drive shaft through nylon.

The electric planer is composed of a motor, a knife cavity structure, a planing depth adjustment mechanism, a handle, a switch and a non-reconnectable plug.

This series of electric planers adopts double insulation structure. The electric planer shell and handle are made of plastic injection molding into one body, and the plastic shell serves as the additional insulation of the stator iron core and the additional insulation of the rotor iron core to the ground to form double insulation.

The tool cavity structure has upper and lower layers, and the upper layer is a chip removal chamber, which is removed by the cooling air of the motor fan.

The planing depth adjustment mechanism is composed of an adjusting handle, an anti-loosening spring, a front bottom plate, etc. The adjusting handle is twisted to make the front bottom plate move up and down to adjust the planing depth.

The output shaft of the motor drives the nylon transmission belt to drive the planer on the cutter shaft to carry out the planing operation.

The power cord adopts a double-core sheathed flexible cable, which is integrated with the double-column rubber plug to form a non-reconnectable plug.

Post time: 2022-05-31