High Speed 12V Power Tools With Lithium Battery

Product Description
Power Source Electric Biggest drill hole 16mm
Customized support OEM Application Industry
Dimensions 32mm Hammering frequency 6200
Frequency 6200 MOQ 1PCS
Max. Drilling Diameter 16mm Brand MSK
Rated Voltage 230V Weight 6kgs
1.Electric pickaxe electric hammer electric drill switch freely
Save time changing tools and improve work efficiency
2.alloy gear
Increase the module without slipping teeth
The tooth carburizing and quenching process is better than the ordinary high temperature quenching process
* Increased design of gear module
* Each tooth is stronger
* Long-term use without slipping teeth
3.Stainless steel chuck
Quick installation without drilling
Quick installation and firm clamping, preventing the drill from falling off during operation
Stepless speed switch
Speed changes with pressure
01 Press and re-speed fast
02 Press and turn slowly

03 Release the hand and automatically stop
1.Strong heat dissipation
Increase the ventilation and heat dissipation ports, the heat dissipation is fast and the machine does not burn for a long time.
2.High strength case
Normal height drop does not crack
3.power display
Always display the power and work without worry
4.Powerful brushless motor
Brushless and sparkless, higher speed, higher torque, longer life
Steel tube steel plate, easy to cut and grind
5.Increase the hammering cylinder to replace the traditional plug-in hammer
Precision large-diameter cylinder, vacuum quenching, firm and durable, strong impact force, higher efficiency
6.Using 2500mAh 10C power lithium battery long-lasting lithium battery, fast charging, long-lasting power safety clutch
Automatic tripping does not hurt hands
When the drilling wall hits the steel bar, the machine will automatically stop the high wear-resistant alloy steel for protection,and the super long life will not fail
When the steel bar is hit, it will automatically stop to prevent the machine from reversing and hurting people

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Post time: 2022-06-27