Miter Saw Trim Panel Machine



Product Information
Brand MSK Maximum Processing Thickness 80 (mm)
Type Panel Saw Maximum Processing Width 1250 (mm)
Forms Of Work Fully Automatic Total Weight 600 (kg)
Rated Power 4/5.5 (kw) Feeding Speed 4500/6000rpm
Dimensions 3050*1200*1000(mm) Scope Of Application Timber Processing
Maximum Processing Length 2800-3200 Can Be Customized (mm) Rated Voltage 380v/220v


Product Name 45° Panel Saw Product Number 90° Panel Saw
Push Table Size 2800/3000/3200*375MM Push Table Size 2800/3000/3200*320MM
Maximum Cutting Length 2700/2900/3100MM Maximum Cutting Length 2700/2900/3100MM
Maximum Cutting Width 1250MM Maximum Cutting Width 1250MM
Saw Blade Diameter 300MM(250-400MM) Saw Blade Diameter 300MM(250-400MM)
Cutting Thickness Upper Limit 75MM Cutting Thickness Upper Limit 75MM
Spindle Speed 4500/6000R/MIN Spindle Speed 4500/6000R/MIN
Spindle Diameter 30MM Spindle Diameter 30MM
Saw Blade Angle 0°-45° Saw Blade Angle 90°
Main Motor Power 4/5.5KW Main Motor Power 4/5.5KW
Scribing Saw Diameter 120MM Scribing Saw Diameter 120M M
Scribing Saw Speed 7000-8000R/MIN Scribing Saw Speed 7000-8000R/MIN
Secondary Shaft Diameter 20MM Secondary Shaft Diameter 20MM
Auxiliary Motor Power 0.75/1.1KW Auxiliary Motor Power 0.75/1.1KW
Weight 800KG Weight 800KG
Dimensions 3200* 2550*900MM Dimensions 3200*2550*900MM


Reasonable design to widen and thicken the push table. By the die system, the plate cutting makes the running stability good.Feature:

  1. Equipped with the adjustment of the inclination angle of the band saw blade, which is suitable for the cutting of the plate with the inclination angle, and the inclination degree is more accurate.
  2. Double saw blade design, the cutting power is stronger, and the upper limit of rotation speed can reach 8000r/min, which can prevent the plate from bursting.
  3. Widening and thickening the guide rail of the push table, higher precision, more stable cutting, durable and long use time.
  4. Strictly select European-style large scales. Stable to prevent shifting. It can be stretched, the working space is enlarged, and the high precision is maintained.
  5. Using copper core motor, the work is stable. High temperature resistance, strong power, other power motors can be customized.
  6. It is very important for the spindle of the push table saw to run stably and use time. Strictly select high-quality bearings to provide you with a good cutting experience.
  7. Precision panel saw blade, high efficiency and wear resistance, low noise.
  8. Applicable to a variety of plates. Solid wood sandwich panel, MDF, multi-layer board, particle board, ABS board, PVC board, acrylic board, plexiglass board, etc.


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