Wookworking Tool Electric Hand Planer



Product Information
Brand MSK Power Type AC Power
Power Cord Length 1.8 Rated Voltage Range AC Single-Phase And DC 50V Above 250V And Below
Scope Of Application Carpentry Voltage 220


  1. Special electric planer for woodworking, easy to use.
  2. Widely used: It can be used in housing construction, housing decoration, carpentry workshop, field woodworking and vehicle, ship, bridge construction and other occasions to carry out plane planing, chamfering and cutting of various woods.
  3. The electric planer is composed of a motor, a knife cavity structure, a planing depth adjustment mechanism, a handle, a switch and a non-reconnectable plug.
  4. Adopt double insulation structure. The electric planer shell and handle are made of plastic injection molding into one body, and the plastic shell serves as the additional insulation of the stator core and the additional insulation of the rotor core to the ground to form double insulation.
  5. A hand-held power tool that is driven by a single-phase series-excited motor through a transmission belt to carry out the planing operation
  6. High production efficiency and flat surface.


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Post time: 2022-05-11