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Product Information
Brand MSK Work Pressure 30bar
Material ABS Flow 3L/min
Outlet Pipe Length 5 Meters Weight 2.5kg
Power Cord Length Charger 1 Meter Power 180W/360W
Power Source Lithium Battery Size 38.5*7.5*22.5cm
Voltage 24V/48V Net Weight 1.5kg


1.Intelligent switch, 3 seconds fast water discharge. Press to start, release to stop, no need to turn off the faucet or machine.Feature:

2.14 The plunger pump head has stronger performance, less vibration and quieter, and the water flow is no longer intermittent.

  1. There is no need to connect the faucet, and there is water to wash it under high pressure. Portable self-absorption design, fast water absorption, powerful pressure accumulation, flexible water intake.
  2. Large-capacity lithium battery, long-lasting battery life. 2 hours to fill up quickly.
  3. Strong power is cleaner, different nozzles are used for multiple purposes, and multi-angle spraying.
  4. Wireless flushing, free to clean anytime, anywhere. Wireless lithium battery design, easy to carry. It has a wide range of functions and is suitable for use in various outdoor scenes.


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Post time: 2022-05-11