Belt Machine Floor Sander


Product Information
Brand MSK Sandpaper Size 110*100
Scope Of Application Woodworking, Sheet Metal Putty, Facade, Metal Derusting And Polishing Appendix Export Standard, European Plug
Dimensions 110*100*150 Series Electric Sander Series
Rated Voltage Range AC Single-Phase And DC 50V Above 250V And Below Power Cord Length 1.8 (m)
Type Flat Sander Package Weight 2kg
Weight 1.5 Unit Weight 4kg
Voltage 220V Product Volume 11cm*10cm*12.5cm


Model HK-S6-185 Size 18.5X9X17cm
Rated Voltage 220V Mat Size 85 X 9cm
Rated Power 160W Net Weight 1.465kg
No-Load Speed 12000rpm Wire Length 1.8m
Frequency 50/60Hz Bottom Plate Material Thickened PA6 Thickened Material
Model HK-S5-100 Size 11X10X12.5cm
Rated Voltage 220V Mat Size 11X10cm
Rated Power 240W Net Weight 1.135kg
No-Load Speed 10000rpm Wire Length 1.8m
Frequency 50/60Hz Bottom Plate Material Thickened PA6 Thickened Material


Model Rated Power (W) No-Load Speed (r/min) Track Diameter (mm) Grinding Width (mm) Grinding The Support Surface Price (yuan)
100 Sander (European Plug) 240 12000 1.5 110 100mm/185mm 77.42
185 Sander (European Plug) 240 13000 1.5 110 100mm/185mm 87.22


  1. Engineering home improvement, one machine is multi-purpose. The compact body contains surging power. Suitable for more work scenarios, wood polishing, putty polishing, metal polishing, wall polishing, etc. The shell of the fuselage is made of high-quality nylon new material, which is integrally formed.
  2. High-frequency grinding, efficient operation. The bottom of the sander uses a noise-reducing rubber pad, which is smooth and smooth to polish more delicately.
  3. All-copper motor, durable. High temperature resistance, high speed, large track diameter, providing strong sanding ability.
  4. Labyrinth dust-proof design prevents dust from directly entering the bearing, refuses to burn the machine, and greatly prolongs the life of the whole machine.
  5. Reasonable dynamic balance design, taking into account the surface quality of sanding. Low vibration, comfortable hand feel, effectively reducing work fatigue.


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