Brushless Hammer Drill for Concrete and Masonry Work



Product Information
Brand MSK With Or Without Clutch Yes
Scope Of Application Home, Decoration, Engineering Weight 3
Rated Voltage Range AC Single-Phase And DC 50V And Below Battery Power 6
Hammer Mode 3-Speed Mode-Hammer Drilling/Flat Drilling/Chiseling Type Two Pits And Two Slots
Power Type Rechargeable – Lithium Battery Technology Voltage 110
Optimum Drilling Range 14 Standard Accessories Battery, Charger, Grip, Ruler


Model Single maximum hammering force (J) Maximum Drilling Diameter (Concrete) (mm) Hammer frequency (/min) Price (yuan)
Extreme brushless three-purpose electric hammer 528TV [one electricity] + plastic box 2.1 26 6200 398
Industrial brushless three-purpose 398TV [one electricity] + plastic box 2.1 26 6200 328
Respectful bare metal (this head does not include charger battery) Dayi battery is universal 2.1 26 6200 218


*All battery voltages of this product are DC 21V
battery capacity 20.0Ah 25.5Ah 30.0Ah 37.5Ah
Battery parameters 10 sections 2000mAh 15 sections 1800mAh 15 sections 2000mAh 15 sections 2500mAh
Long-lasting battery life with large capacity Long-lasting battery life with large capacity Long-lasting battery life with large capacity Long-lasting battery life with large capacity
No-load battery life 400min 540min 600min 750min



  1. Brushless and no spark. Higher speed, more torque. No heat, no need to replace carbon brushes, long life, 8-12 years. Steel pipe steel plate, easy to cut and grind.
  2. One machine is multi-purpose to meet the various needs of users. Electric drill mode, powerful drilling (requires drill chuck). Electric hammer mode, higher drilling efficiency than AC electric hammer. Small function, install flat chisel, adjustable direction. Electric pick mode, water and electricity slotting, handy.
  3. Electric pick, hammer and electric drill can be switched freely. Time left to change tools and improve work efficiency.
  4. Increase the hammering cylinder to replace the traditional plug-in electric hammer. Precision large-diameter cylinder, vacuum quenched, firm and durable. Strong impact, higher efficiency.
  5. Using 2500mAh 10C power lithium battery. Long-lasting lithium battery, fast charging and long-lasting power.
  6. Safe clutch, automatic tripping without hurting hands. When the drilled wall hits the steel bar, it will automatically stop for protection. High wear-resistant alloy just now, super long life without failure.
  7. The alloy gears increase the module and do not slip the teeth. The tooth carburizing and quenching process is better than the ordinary high temperature quenching process.
  8. Stainless steel chuck, fast installation, firm clamping, prevent the drill bit from falling during operation.

1) Pinch the protective cover as shown in the picture, press down firmly and keep it still

2) Align the drill bit/point chisel/flat chisel with the mounting hole and insert it to the end

3) Loosen the protective cover and pop up to reset at the same time that the chuck is locked

  1. Continuously variable speed switch, the speed changes with the pressure. Forward and reverse adjustment buttons, the intelligent emergency brake stops immediately when you release your hand. Turn it clockwise to the left, the middle is stuck and does not turn, and turn it counterclockwise to the right.


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